Success Stories

Blazing Moon Corporate Training is providing Training and Consulting value added services to the following vertical markets:

  • Financial;
  • Insurance;
  • Retail;
  • Government.

The following indicates how Blazing Moon Corporate Training has provided an effective consultancy service to our clients. This is formed by means of understanding and analysing the organisational challenges in the workplace. We then have provided the correct and appropriate training programmes to assist our client to overcome the challenges experienced.

In the following, we provide three examples of our ability encompass the needs of our clients... there are many more. For more references within your sector, call Brenda for further discussion on 011 728 7720.

Industry Vertical: Banking and Security Services
Solution: Team Development Leadership Skills

From consultation with our clients within these verticals, Blazing Moon developed a curriculum of training to provide Team Leaders with the necessary all-encompassing skills to manage themselves and their staff effectively. This curriculum consists of 9 modules plus a Business Application Workshop as follows:

Leadership Skills through Planning, Organising, Leading and Control
Coaching and Mentoring Skills
Motivating Staff members and Yourself
Stress Management Skills
Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
Conflict Resolution Skills
Behavioural Interview Skills
Performance Management and Appraisals
Customer Relationship Management Skills

Industry Vertical: Financial Services
Solution: Customised Excel 2010 Training

Within this vertical it was established that the staff of our customer wanted to fine-tuned skills on the advanced usage of Excel 2010 in the usage of Data Analysis and Financial Formulas. Blazing Moon developed this material for our client that we now offer our other corporate clients within the financial market. Blazing Moon then has the offering of workshops as shown below. Click the hyperlink on each course to view the detailed course outlines.
Excel Pivot Tables - Workshop 2007/2010
Excel Using Macros - Workshop 2007/2010
Excel Functions/Formulas - Workshop 2007/2010
Data Analysis with Excel - 2007/2010

Industry Vertical: Media
Solution: Call Centre Operational Management

Blazing Moon is providing our Certification Programme in Call Center Operational Management. This involves all aspects of managing in a call center as per the following modules:

Managing the Contact Center
Oral and Written Communication Skills
Managing Service Performance
Managing Customer Service
Workforce and Shift Management
Quality Management
EQ Leadership
Coaching for Performance.
Contact Center Work-based Project

Industry Vertical: Travel
: Customised Call Centre

From our consultation with our client, Blazing Moon has provided for a customised training solution that addresses the needs of entry level telephonic call centre agents to address their clients appropriately from etiquette issues to emailed correspondence. From this training, it was further identified that the next level of telephonic client contact required for these next level of agents to further themselves from servicing clients to selling to their clients across their product lines.


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