Are you one of those ambitious professionals who often spend a substantial amount of time thinking about strategies that will assist you to achieve greater levels of success? Do you strive for a more impressive job title, a higher salary, and responsibility for more sizable revenues, profits, and numbers of employees? If you are experiencing similar feelings of frustration or even regret about the direction of your career, Blazing Moon's one-on-one business coaching services is intended to help you examine the question, "Am I reaching my potential?" This is not the same as asking, "How do I rise to the top?" or "How can I be successful in my career?" Rather, it's about taking a very personal look at how you define success in your heart of hearts and then finding your path to get there.

Blazing Moon is a fully accredited member of COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa). One-on-One coaching with Blazing Moon is an extension to the training you have attended with us; a powerful approach that enables you as a learner to take ownership of your continued growth in your career. From attendance of our training programmes, you gain the rationale, knowledge, language, concepts and a summary of the key steps to gain new skills. In conjunction with our coaching, you will learn how to put theory into practise and receive corrective feedback. Our role as your business coach is to provide professional, collaborative and outcomes-driven methods of learning that will develop you as an individual to raise your self-awareness in order to achieve specific goals and perform at a more effective level. Please bear in mind that our coaching sessions are suitable for newly appointed or promoted individuals as well.

  • For more details on this service, either logon to our web site or contact Brenda MacLaren on 011-728 7728 or via email on to enquire further.
  • All Blazing Moon coaching interactive assessments and support tools are available to you through our web site.