Online-Wholistic Fitness by Choice-In Depth Training

08 March 2021
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This course is facilitated online by our Wellness Expert, Margaret Harrison. Since 1986 Margaret has provided training and coaching to many individuals and learners within corporates. Her areas of specialty are the leadership principles of John C. Maxwell and his range of ideas on personal leadership, team development, ethics, personal growth and related topics. Margaret is also a motivational speaker delivering courses in motivation, personal development and wellness, with special emphasis on two areas of self-development via courses entitled “The 6 Things Happy People Know” and “Wholistic Fitness By Choice” both stressing the need for self-reflection, increases in self-knowledge and personal motivation based on the concept “Feel Better – Look Better – Be Better”. Blazing Moon has successfully partnered with Margaret for nearly 15 years.

This is Wholistic Fitness by Choice – a course covering 8 key fitness areas in your life including intellectual fitness, social fitness, economic fitness, spiritual fitness, physical fitness, emotional fitness, relationship fitness and environmental fitness.

Discounted Online Course - Wholistic Fitness by Choice

The aim of the course will be to:
  • Understand the challenges faced by people in work and life in the modern world;
  • Understand and apply the thoughts, behaviours and processes necessary for making effective choices in the 8 key areas of life so as to achieve the following:
    • Increased motivation; Improved focus; Higher productivity and efficiency;
    • Enhanced capacity to handle stress; 
    • Enhanced capacity to survive, and therefore learn from adversity;
    • Increased resilience – the ability to adapt to any circumstances in a positive manner; 
    • Increased ability to develop sound and mature relationships with others, both at home and at work.
  • Understand and apply techniques for planning and executing the choices that have been made.
  • Understand and apply these skills in real organizational and life settings.
  • Agree methods for transferring skills both to the workplace and to life.
To enquire on our corporate pricing discounts on offer and choose a date that suites your learners, please contact and we shall gladly assist you.

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