Online-Presentation Skills & PowerPoint Intermediate Combo

30 June 2021
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Presentation Skills & PowerPoint Intermediate Combo

Presentations Skills

While hard work and good ideas are essential to success, your ability to express those ideas and get others to join you is just as important. Much of this verbal expression will be one-on-one or in small groups but periodically (and for some of us often) you will be involved in more formal and public speaking opportunities in front of larger numbers.
If this thought makes you nervous you are not alone. Many speakers lack the skills and confidence to make effective presentations either face-to-face or online. We have all been victims of speakers (e.g., teachers or people in our work environment) who put us to sleep. Despite knowing how ineffective many speakers are, many of us have found that, despite the best intentions, we haven't fared much better. We knew the topic and the ideas were written down, but the presentation still didn't go so well. Was it the way you delivered the speech/presentation? Was it because the audience didn't seem interested?
We will teach you all the essential skills of delivering a dynamic presentation and give you all the tips you need to offer this online during the pandemic.

In this course we will cover:
Understanding the structure of a presentation, identify the difference between impromptu speaking and giving a formal presentation, plan, prepare and deliver an effective presentation whether this is online or in person, analyse the audience before presenting, understand the qualities of a presenter, analyse and put together content for a presentation and how to correctly use visual aids to assist with delivering an effective presentation.

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PowerPoint 2016 Intermediate

Learning how to effectively use PowerPoint to enrich your presentation skills in a world where we are further away from each other than ever before is now considered a core skill. Microsoft PowerPoint is a dynamic application that when used correctly can simplify and enhance your presentation.
In this course we will cover:
Customising the PowerPoint 2016 environment, adding and customizing graphical objects to a presentation and modify them, work with master slides, add tables and charts to a presentation to present data in a structured form and then finalize a presentation.

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If you book both PowerPoint 2016 Intermediate and Presentation Skills together, instead of paying R4,234 (VAT excl), we will offer both courses for a fee of R3,387.20 (VAT excl) a saving of R846.80 (VAT excl) per booking.
For a booking of 4 or more learners per course date we offer a discounted rate of R3,200 (VAT excl).

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