Online Excel 365 Training

15 January 2021
nline xcel 365 raining
Each of our online of introduction, intermediate and advanced courses are 4 hours in duration. Additionally you will receive 30 mins of 1-on-1 coaching with our expert Excel facilitator.

Thereafter each learner experiences 1-on-1 business coaching on the application of MS Excel at the level attended to their workplace. We work with your own spreadsheets to enable you to apply the concepts covered to your own work.

Our expert Microsoft facilitators are Microsoft experts in their chosen product on MS Office and will guide you through the entire learning process.  

You are required to complete a pre assessment before attendance of training to ensure that you are booked on the right level of Excel training. Thereafter after completion of your training you are required to complete a post assessment. Together with the facilitator's evaluation of you, you will receive a Competency score and your certificate of Competence, Achievement or Merit is issued. 

Have a look at our course outlines to view the content of the 3 online courses that are most popular:
To Book Online, see the links below:
Excel 2016/365 Introduction-18th June
Excel 2016/365 Intermediate- 17th May OR 23rd June
Excel 2016/365 Advanced-21st May OR 30th June

Contact to enquire on the pricing for these courses and the discounts available for groups of learners.

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