Online-Conflict Resolution

09 March 2021
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Conflict resolution is a process of attempting to resolve a dispute or disagreement in order to meet the needs of all or at least one of the parties involved. Conflict management and conflict resolution differ. Conflict management include diverse topics like gossip, ridicule, feuding, law and more. The outcome of conflict management is to mediate the process of disagreement to the point of closure, implying that the conflict is not necessarily resolved.

To Book Conflict Resolution Training

The Learning Objectives of this 4 hour online session are:
  • Explain the phenomenon of “conflict” in a comprehensive manner to value it as a crucial pre-requisite to productivity and action;
  • Examine a wide range of conflict sources to quickly alert them to typical conflict “triggers”;
  • Follow a comprehensive yet effective conflict resolution process to create personal and professional growth and to foster productivity;
  • Internalise critical skills and use attributes styles and tips that enable conflict resolution;
  • Save time and effort by recognising when to prevent conflict as opposed to resolve it.
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