Online-Modern Customer Management

09 March 2021
nline-odern ustomer anagement

The Marketing Concept, Customer Satisfaction Management and Customer Relationship Management have been developed steadily and progressively over the past 40 years or so.  These processes are principally product-centric and outcome-orientated meaning that they are strongly shaped by the organisation’s own ideas of how to manage customers effectively whereas CEM relies on understanding the needs, feelings, thoughts, and desires of customers as a precursor to determining the kinds of products and services best suited to their requirements, and also as a basis for adjusting those products and services as customer requirements change over time.  In other words, compared with the earlier processes CEM is more of a creative and analytical process.

Blazing Moon offers you a 3-hour online session at a discounted rate, from 09h00-12h00 or from 13h00-16h00. This is led by one of our expert soft skills facilitators.

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