Improve your Optimism through Self-Leadership

23 August 2021
mprove your ptimism through elf-eadership
  • Optimists see something like the loss of a job as a short term problem or the result of a lack of work in their field. They tell themselves that they will work hard to final another job, and as a result, another job will be secured.
  • A pessimist sees a job loss as someone else’s doing: their boss does not like them, the system is against them, life is not fair. When a pessimist loses their job, they see it as a huge barrier. They may even take it to the extent that they will never find work again.
Being an optimist is not always an approach that you can take in light of difficulty or adversity, however. If you want to focus on achievement, focus on improving morale, inspire, or teach, we recommend an optimistic approach. However, pessimism also has a certain place, and even some benefits. Even the very optimistic can become pessimistic at times. Pessimism does have a way of looking at things realistically, which some optimists may fail to do.

Join us for our Self-Leadership course. As part of our course, we will share a framework that you can use to work through any situation in an optimistic, realistic way.

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