HR and Talent Management

03 March 2023
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HR and Talent Management


Tactics for Skills-based Talent Management

This can be achieved with the following suggestions:

  1. Identify the full inventory of skills in your current workforce and what you’ll need.
  2. Bring to the surface the career opportunities to employees to build the skills necessary to keep up with change even if those opportunities aren’t yet present in your organisation.
  3. Identify learning opportunities and provide educational resources.
  4. Talk to a credible training provider such as Blazing Moon to provide for your customised training solutions.
  5. Take advantage of new technology and growth opportunities without spending time and resources searching for an attracting new talent. Think “build”, not “buy”.


HR Strategic Thinking

In the NWOW (new world of work), organisations will see new players contributing to business success, and that includes HR. New technology increasingly relieves HR of repetitive manual tasks, leaving time for more strategic, forward-looking responsibilities.

For HR, it’s time to shine with increased influence and a clear responsibility to lead the organisation through the changing world of work.

HR can now collaborate closely with it’s business partners to:

  • Understand and plan for current and future skills needs.
  • Create strategies to build, buy or borrow requisite talent.
  • Provide managerial insight to boost performance and productivity.

An organisation’s people can be its most valuable resource, but also one of its most significant expenses. As a strategic business partner, HR has the opportunity to take the lead in managing this in new and innovative ways. The ability to surface workforce insights will allow HR to make recommendations that can impact the bottom line and long-term business success.


Steps to Elevate the role of HR

Here are some tips:

  1. Understand the priorities and critical capabilities of functions across your organisation.
  2. Work with departmental leaders to create multidimensional talent strategies that align with your company business goals.
  3. Look at alternative work arrangements and create ways to engage the right talent to you’re your organisational objectives.

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