How To Excel At Work Using Microsoft Excel?

23 August 2020
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How To Excel At Work Using Microsoft Excel?Since its launch in 1985, Excel has gone from a spreadsheet programme with the sole purpose of helping companies compile financial data, to one of the most popular applications used in business today.

With approximately 750 million users worldwide (and growing) it is easy to see how Excel has become a front runner of Microsoft's consumer product range.

Whether you need Excel to perform day-to-day functional tasks, record expenditures and income or simply keep track of your schedule, there is no denying that you must have, at least a basic understanding of this programme to exceed in the workplace.

Ways you can use Microsoft Excel to excel at work.

Capturing Data

Need to build a customer mailing list or keep track of employee shifts? Excel, at its most basic level, is a fantastic business tool for both capturing and storing data. Using Excel worksheets, you can capture a vast amount of data as worksheets can contain up to of 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns.

Accounting Tasks

Excel was designed to assist businesses with accounting functions like creating financial statements, balance sheets, calculations and budgets. So if your job requires you to perform any accounting function - Excel is a must.

Planning and Scheduling

Need to formalise your daily routine, create checklists, record meetings or plan your professional goals? Excel is a great tool that can be used to create various worksheets and planning documents that you can utilise to track and monitor your progress.

Do you want to use Excel to succeed in your career but don't quite know how it works?

At Blazing Moon Corporate Training, we offer a wide range of Microsoft Excel courses, including our Excel 2016 introduction, intermediate and advances courses. If you an in-depth user of Excel, we can offer you workshops specifically on Macros, Pivot Tables, Data Analysis and Functions & Formulas. As a great start our introduction course will help you gain a better working understanding of Excel and teach you all the tips and tricks you need at work every day.

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