Conflict Resolution in The Workplace: Here Is What You Should Know

26 August 2020
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Conflict is a normal part of life. Whether it is in a personal or professional environment, arguments and disagreements do occur. When disputes arise, the key is not to avoid it but rather resolve the conflict in a healthy and productive way.

When left unresolved, conflict can snowball, affecting leader-employee relationships, causing performance problems and lowering team morale.

What Is Conflict?

Conflict is defined as a dispute or clash between one or more parties resulting from a difference in values, beliefs, opinions, interests and perceptions.

Types of Workplace Conflict

Conflict: Leadership
Think about the managers you have had in your life, did they all have the same leadership style? Each business leader will have their own way of delegating and overseeing their team. Not every employee will react positively to their manager's approach - which often leads to conflict in the workplace.

Conflict: Workstyle
Just like managers have their own style of leadership, every employee will also work in their own unique style. For example, some people work better alone, while others like collaborating with a team. When a group of people with different workstyles have to complete a task together, disputes can arise.

Conflict: Personality
Wouldn't it be a dream come true if you always liked the people you worked with? Unfortunately, there are times where you have to collaborate or work with someone you might not get along with. At the end of the day, we are all different, which means that one personality might clash with another in the workplace.

Conflict: Discrimination
Sadly, incidents of discrimination or unfair treatment based on gender, race, age and ethnicity do still arise. This type of conflict is, of course, much more severe and would call for human resources to step in.

What Is Conflict Resolution?

Conflict resolution can either be a formal or informal process that is used by the disgruntled individuals or an objective third party to find a solution to their disagreement.

Being able to resolve conflict in the workplace is an essential skill that every manager, team leader and employee should have.

How To Resolve Workplace Conflict?

The first step in resolving conflict is to develop an understanding of and trust in the shared goals. It requires openness, discipline, and creativity. Showing respect for other people and not blaming them enables people to work for mutual benefit.

While there are no magical phrases or simple procedures for managing conflict, there are several strategies for coping with conflict in the workplace.

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