Calling Leaders

18 May 2023
alling eaders

When a leader is a coach first, they will develop deeper relationships with their staff. This means that the leader prioritises the whole person, inside and outside of work. This in turn has a positive impact on the performance and retention of staff as employees are more likely to be seen, heard, and understood. This approach has a direct impact on the retention of staff.


If you are an HR or L&D professional . . .


  1. One of the best things you can do to immediately impact the growth, development, and performance of your teams is help your leaders and managers to have more consistent coaching conversations.
  2. Provide training and development programs at the all levels of leadership and management to ensure these individuals have the opportunity to be great coaches.
  3. Effective coaching conversations bring a strong measure of empathy and helps people identify the root cause of their challenges, get clear on their goals, and move forward faster. They also open the possibility to discuss topics that, while they may not seem directly related to work, will ultimately impact an employee’s capacity and motivation to perform.


If you are a leader . . .


  1. It is recommended to start by setting up weekly or bi-weekly 1:1 meetings with direct reports, and create space in the agenda for non-work related conversations to get to know them as a whole person.
  2. Furthermore, as leaders, take it a step further and create quarterly “let’s talk” sessions without an agenda and specifically devoted to discussing whatever is on the employee’s mind.


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