Blazing Moon Success Story - Faye Joubert

04 November 2020
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Faye Joubert is a business improvement and call centre specialist boasting an extensive background in the telco and leisure industries, with a particular interest in upskilling young leaders.

Having enjoyed executive roles throughout her career, Faye was first introduced to Blazing Moon (BLM) when the procurement department of the company she worked for went on RFP (request for proposal) and invited her to sit on the tender committee.

Following a thorough selection process, BLM received the highest score from committee members, based on (among other things) our past success rate, fair pricing and company stability.

We decided to catch up with Faye to get some feedback on her experience with Blazing Moon.

Why did your company (at the time) decide to upskill your employees?

There was a lot of amazing young talent in our business, and it was widely felt that a formal, accredited program would go a long way to building their skill set, raising confidence and rewarding their talent with a recognised qualification.

What made you the happiest about working with BLM?

My management team was really taken by the personal attention of Brenda, who made an effort to get to know all our attendees and had a deep interest in them as people, outside of their candidature on the course or their roles in our firm. She evinced a deep passion for learning herself, and it was quite infectious.

What was your team able to achieve since using BLM services?

We were thrilled at a close to 95% completion rate in our attendees, and the grit and determination they showed as they neared the end.

By then fatigue levels were high, and the submissions for the SETA seemed such a great mountain to climb, along with their day jobs, and their roles as parents and breadwinners.

Brenda personally cajoled and drove each person, celebrating each milestone, she kept saying "But you know this, you do it every day, now you just need to provide evidence, and you can and you will. "

Why would you recommend Blazing Moon's services to others?

The care and concern for each learner goes above and beyond that of a supplier. I have never seen a vendor take the success of others so to heart, long after the bill was paid. I think BLM is working to a "calling" and the business trails on from that.

Brenda and her team went on to recommend and buy our own products as well. They are proud brand ambassadors of the firms they do work for and believe in reciprocity wherever it is possible.

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