Online-Assertiveness and You

03 January 2022
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Our intensive course offers you’re the strategies you can follow to becoming more assertive in all your interactions with others.
  • Blazing Moon offers you a 4-hour online intensive course at a discounted rate, via 1 x 4 hour session from 09h00-13h00.
  • Thereafter you will be scheduled for a 1-on-1 coaching session with our expert facilitator. 
The Learning Objectives of this 4 hour online session are:
  • Demonstrate an understanding of assertiveness;
  • Identify and understand Passive Aggressive and Assertive styles of behaviour;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Phases of Behaviour;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of assertive problems;
  • Identifying mistaken traditional assumptions;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Self-Concept;
  • Identify the toll of a Negative Self-Concept;
  • Learn how to change their Self-Concept.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Stress;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to manage Emotions;
  • Learn how to reduce anxiety;
  • Demonstrate how a record of assertive behaviour would be kept;
  • Demonstrate how to negotiate for positive changes;
  • Demonstrate how to best develop professional relationships.
To enquire on our corporate pricing discounts on offer or choose a date that suites your learners, please contact and we shall gladly assist you.

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