Are You Communicating Effectively? 5 Common Communication Problems In The Workplace

26 August 2020
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Whether you are speaking to a team member or sending an email to a client, excellent business communication is crucial.

Are You Communicating Effectively?

Communication is much more than the words we use; it encompasses everything from your body language, facial expressions, as well as written communication such as email.

Even if your company has appropriate communication measures in place, problems can still arise.

5 Common Communication Problems In The Workplace

1. Listening Passively
Communication is a two-way street, and as such strong listening skills are also needed to communicate effectively in the workplace. When employees/employers fail to listen to their staff/colleagues/clients actively - there is a chance that they will misinterpret the message or miss crucial information.

2. Misinterpreting Information
Communication is often open to interpretation, especially when the information is received in a written/non-verbal way, such as emails. When you can't see or hear the other person, you might not pick up on the tone or the intent of the message - often leading to misinterpretations which can hinder communication.

3. Cultural Barriers
People have different backgrounds, experiences, cultures and languages - these differences can often cause communication barriers between team members, and even with clients. It is, therefore, crucial to be patient and respectful when communicating.

4. Using Inappropriate Tools To Communicate
In business, you should always know what method of communication is appropriate for the situation at hand. Sometimes an email may be more suitable than a phone call, other times a phone call followed by a mail is required. Knowing when to use a specific communication tool is very important.

5. Unprofessional/Poorly Written Communication
In the modern workplace, emails and other types of written communication form part of daily tasks and procedures. However, if your message is poorly written, with mistakes and spelling errors, it could cause frustration and reflect poorly on you and your business.

How You Can Communicate Effectively

At Blazing Moon Corporate Training, our Verbal Communication Skills & Email Course will help you identify common communication problems that may be holding you back, develop relevant skills and teach you correct email netiquette. Get in touch with us today on to find out more.

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