Active Listening as a Leadership and Influencing Tool

03 March 2023
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Active Listening has 3 Stages:

  • Non-verbal: These are the messages our body sends to others that tell them we are listening, like leaning forward, making eye contact, nodding our head, attending to what they say.
  • Cues: Those short phrases that keep us connected and tell the other person we are still listening; For example, Okay; Go on, etc.
  • Using paraphrasing, clarifying, and summarising questions. You ask questions to make sure you understand what is said and demonstrate to the person you are conversing with that you are paying attention.


So what’s the bottom line here? Listening is no longer a “check the box” exercise. Today, the best organisations realise that to compete and win in the future of work they must listen continuously to their staff and customers, in multiple channels, and then act in response to the feedback received.

But what’s the pay-off? Simply put, you will achieve better financial results, happier customers, and more agile teams. Tapping into this skill will increase your chances of repeat business from your customers.


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